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Electronic Wallets

Electronic wallet payments are an alternative payment solution for clients who don’t have a bank card, or that want to connect their bank card to their device.


Bank Cards

Payment through bank cards is now the most common and popular method of accepting payments on the Internet. It is just one of the many payment options we offer.


Online Banking

Simple and convenient payment method enabling the user to pay directly from their online bank account. It is acknowledged that Internet banking is now the most secure way of making payments: safer than traditional bank card payments, and avoiding the need to provide and leave payment data with third-parties.


Payment by QR Code

QR code payments are simple and convenient to use and offer instant payment. Simply scan the generated QR code and confirm the transaction electronically in the system.


Mobile Payments

Paying with your mobile device is one of the most convenient, secure, and popular ways to make a money transfer. This type of payment solution is available to a whole range of merchants including online stores, payment for services and for the sale of game currency.